Special Needs Children

The complex issues of custody and visitation are further complicated when children have physical impairments, cognitive deficits or other challenges. The Santa Monica family law specialists at Trabolsi & Levy, LLP are attuned to the common considerations in divorce and custody cases involving children with special needs. We have experience in child custody matters involving children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism/Asperger’s, mental disorders, cancer and a range of medical conditions or functional limitations. A special needs child may require additional financial support, and meeting the child’s various needs can be a significant burden for parents. Our main focus with custody cases for kids with special needs in Santa Monica is ensuring that a child’s needs are met after divorce, from child support to quality time with both parents. We aim to anticipate every scenario in the parenting plan, such as:

  • Health insurance coverage
  • Private tutors and special education services
  • Physical therapy, speech therapy, counseling, etc.
  • Medical equipment and special transportation
  • Surgery, medications and other medical decisions
  • Nursing care or institutional care
  • Supplemental needs trusts
  • Joint legal custody/shared decision-making

We try to infuse common sense and realistic solutions, when representing custody cases for kids with special needs in Santa Monica, avoiding situations where parents are draining precious resources and burning bridges in a full-fledged fight for custody. If a successful settlement is impossible, we are effective courtroom advocates, ensuring that the best interest of the child is the focus and that the rights of our client are represented.